The Truth About Jay Travis | Chicago Illinois

The Truth
About Jay

Jay Travis misused resources from a Christian charity intended for programs to benefit African-American children in Chicago.

Travis exploited our community
for her own gain.

(Malone, et al. vs. American Friends Service Committee, No. 06-2736 (7th Cir. 2007))

Travis took resources away from
African-American children in Chicago.

According to court documents, Jhatayn “Jay” Travis was contracted by a Christian charity group to provide community-based programs for African-American children in Chicago.

When the charity learned that Jay Travis was “improperly using” its resources, Travis was fired.

An independent investigation confirmed that Travis had abused resources and people under her control, and a federal appeals court upheld her firing.

Jay Travis exploited our community for her own gain,

vote NO for Jay Travis.
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